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Oh, Reader. I've had a time (another one). My family is doing much better! My mother was given ten days' worth of some kind of intravenous super-antibiotic sent to an area hospital through a high-speed space tube from the future & got all the way better (much, much better than she's been in years), and then it turned out my dad had come down with a clutch of bad-but-not-as-bad-as-we-thought syndromes — hyperthyroidism, early-stage high blood pressure, and a cranial nerve palsy partially caused by a novel vein structure in his brain (?). Not completely sure about that last one, I was pretty tired when the doctor was trying to explain it to me. He has to take medicine every day and wear special nerd glasses, but otherwise there's no good reason he won't live to be 128. Thank you for your support.

The real obstacle to a state of current & continuing bliss on my part is that my phone and internet services keep going out. First, they both died very romantically together. For two weeks. Then the phone came back and the internet slowed to a mid-90s dialup crawl barely suitable for checking email. Now the DSL has come back at normal pissy strength, and the landlines are unusable. We've made multiple calls and had multiple friendly servicepersons come out and look at the lines, but nothing's helped. Our latest ticket has been guaranteed to be resolved by the phone company by August 10 (of 2023, one imagines). I cannot help but believe this is some kind of CONSPIRACY by "THE GOVERNMENT" to SILENCE ME for my criticisms of VARIOUS DEEP STATE ACTORS TO BE NAMED LATER and THE INTERNATIONAL LINUX CONSORTIUM. Oh, wait, I didn't PUBLISH the LINUX POST yet. THAT MEANS THEY CAN READ MY MIND!!!!!!

Another important consideration re: my posting habits is that I need a new hobby because I have to stay home in order to save money. Forever, probably. In the March/April fiscal frame, I (more or less) had to buy a new computer & pay for my cat to have her teeth pulled... but I also bought a new iPod, a USB SuperDrive, a new Wacom tablet, a massive area rug for my bedroom floor, a taller desk, a bunch of expensive makeup shit including a $70 blush brush, some whimsicle Etsy decor, and $150 dyejob that completely washed out in eleven days. I also ate at least one meal at a restaurant every single day in the months of May and June. I took money out of my savings account to buy stupid stuff. (I also got fatter.) I don't have any idea what I was thinking, except that I apparently believed I could hasten the advent of the Apocalypse if I spent enough money. If only, Reader.

So I will be amusing myself, in the house, alone, for the foreseeable future. That means either levels of masturbation consistent with a regular presence in /pol/, or keeping up the blog. I know I keep saying that I'm going to start posting more any time now, but stuff was/is always happening to me that's out of my control and has traditionally kept me away from my computer — and when I have had free time I wanted to exist in a pure state, totally vacant of all thought (on my part). That ends immediately, if I want to pay off my Sephora card (and my Lowe's card) (and put money in my savings account again). 😿

This is a list of all the posts I have in draft stage right now:
  • I just read an enraging article about "cultural appropriation" in Tablet magazine that has left me yearning to create new adjectives to describe how stupid it is
  • When white people write something critical of a "culture of victimization," they are about to show their asses to the entire solar system
  • I also just read a sinister pro-Brexit (?) essay published by improbably-named British author Paul Kingsnorth in The Guardian in 2017. Seriously, this is one of the worst articles I've ever read in my life, mostly because it's proximate to many things I believe myself. I'm trying to triangulate a response that will help me clarify my own thoughts and find a nice tree to climb the man is insane
  • Comically overpriced skincare
  • Linux for the normie-adjacent + why I went back to Apple even though it's still annoying
  • The Séance by John Harwood vs. Advent by James Treadwell
  • A deconstruction(ish) of Robert Aickman's short story The Swords, plus bonus content
  • I still have 18-month-old politics posts written that I've never published because I'm waiting on my own slow ass to pick through my millions of stateless links and find sourcing for my claims
  • There are literally thousands of links
  • Spread out over multiple services
  • I'm not kidding
 We'll see which of them I get to first.

Oh! Also, I changed my layout. I found some instructions about how to unfold excerpted posts (although it doesn't cover other template formats, so I'm stuck with this sort of basic one for now), and I copied & pasted it, and now Sea Rabbits exists in like mid-2015 instead of LiveJournal purgatory. Also I changed my Blogger profile a little. I'll find or buy a new header soon. With a rabbit on it. I like rabbits.

ETA: Fixed a link & went back to my old userphoto because Blogger does something terrible to userphotos and that's the only one that still looks okay post-terribleness.


  1. With bank account horribly burned,
    And credit card righteously spurned,
    Thus lacking in money
    The maritime bunny
    To bloggage perforce has returned!

  2. I'm so glad your parents are better/have symptoms that can be easily treated. That must be a huge weight off your mind.

    The new layout is lovely too. I really like the header picture (but I'm not going to complain if you would prefer to up the rabbit content).

    Hurrah for more blogging! (Not than I can talk.)

    I feel your pain about spending too much. I seem to be right in the middle of a spending spree myself at the moment. Did I really need to spend £80 on a hairdryer?? When I've just booked an expensive holiday??? Oh well. Let's not look at the bank balance yet. Today I'm going out to buy shoes :D

    If you need more things to do while stuck at home, let me suggest these two episodes of the "In Our Time" podcast. I mean, all the episodes are interesting, but when I listened to these two I particularly thought "Emma would love these".
    Renaissance Magic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004y28n
    The Mabinogion: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b1p5k7

    Fingers crossed your internet situation gets sorted out soon. Stay strong!

    1. p.s. This new(!!) article from Susanna Clarke, where she discusses growing up in Yorkshire and crushing on King Arthur, sounds relevant to your interests:

  3. I had about a week, after the car insurance payment was deducted, when I had about forty dollars in my checking account. I basically cleaned out the freezer and denuded the garden at work of purslane (to the joy of the gardeners) so I didn't have to dip into savings.

    Luckily, I've been swamped with work, so the paychecks will be looking pretty good for a while. I've been shopping for a Wacom tablet myself now that the funds are there.

  4. I am looking forward to all those posts. Expect to be harassed regularly until they arrive.

    I have no moneys, but OTOH some nice colleagues paid for me to come to the UK for a month to try and wrestle some of our half-written papers into a publishable state.

  5. I'll find or buy a new header soon. With a rabbit on it. I like rabbits.

    I envisage Crane's "The Horses of Neptune", but photoshopped to replace the horses with bunnies.


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