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EDIT: Fixed a duplicated link & added a new Jordan Peterson fandom article. Because who doesn't want to read more things about Jordan Peterson's Svengaliesqe hold on White North America's precious reserve of pathetic male morons?

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I was going to write about Jordan Peterson, last night. Does anybody need me to write about Jordan Peterson? Everybody's writing about Jordan Peterson. He's a brainless prick who makes millions of dollars every year off other, even more brainless pricks. Peterson hates transpeople. He seems suspiciously jealous of housewives. His primary contributions to the Principles of Western Thought are: 1.) women are best served by being receptacles for men's penises and feelings, and 2.) (white) men built the world and deserve to be the exclusive beneficiaries of its wealth & wonders. I think those are very odd concepts to carry into the marketplace: "Hey, gals, queers, and brown people, why not participate in your own oppression? Things would go so much more smoothly that way! Everyone would be so much happier! Especially straight white men, who of course are the only group that in congregation amount to "everybody.'" Then again, I don't make $100K a month in donations from butthurt social media trolls who yearn for the state of holy matrimony so they can have someone to officially oppress, so maybe no one should listen to me.

The thing that really bothers me about Jordan Peterson — aside from the fact that he lives at the top of the slipperiest slope in the Whole Universe, at the bottom of which lies Death — is that he doesn't seem to have any command of the material he's claimed authority over, and nobody cares. He's like the Dan Brown of mythography. He's much, much worse than Dan Brown, actually, who embodied the sacred blood of the Living Lord in the person of a female cryptographer. That's not nothing. That's letting your little light shine, is what that is. I apologize to Dan Brown (although the attempt to use the female body as the unsullied seat of holiness is neither a feminist nor a novel practice; but I really do appreciate the effort). Peterson despises "postmodernism," and blames it for unlawfully shaking the monkeytree of white male privilege — but postmodernist deconstruction is the only lens through which his viciously absurd characterizations of world myth could actually work. "Superordinate" mythological artifacts, bro? Where the fuck did they come from?

Peterson thinks "chaos" is female, and that order & hierarchy are male. What the fuck does that even mean? When he refers to some property or group of properties as "chaos," does it mean "that abundance of formless biological constituents from which life emerges, in the womb and in the wild"? Or does he mean "feminists holding signs and shouting at me"? I think that distinction could be important. I also have a problem understanding how men can qualify as agents of order when Peterson also believes they have to be coaxed out of committing violence by having continual legal access to women's slimy untrustworthy vaginas at all times. Despite their innate competence and command of order, apparently, men are not fully in control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They are, you might say, not as fully human as women, whose natural impulse is to tame our innate chaos and become silent supportive infant-fondling agreeable housewives. Now, I’m no professor, but even in its deformed native context that shit looks like it’s exactly ass-backwards.

It’s magical thinking of the most objectionably fanfictional order to suggest that any group of people embody chaos as a function of biology, of course, but if we’ve absolutely got to do it, the only choice for the job is men. Women’s bodies operate like clockwork. We are attuned to the moon and the tides. When we’re healthy, we work as well as a calendar — a decaying and artificial construct men devised to count the days we mark naturally with our bodies. Our wombs are advanced ecosystems that are so stable they can (and do) grow people. Men, on the other hand, are an ad hoc arrangement of hormones and impulses; there's no male birth control available because male bodies don't operate in regular, predictable cycles. Men are agents of violence and destruction. Men are incapable of avoiding physical harm even when they want to; their protuberant genitalia damage vaginas even during consensual sex. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jordan Peterson.

I'm in my feelings, a little. I don't actually think men are innately chaotic, of course. I don't think women are sacred microcosms of the planet. I don't think men and women are even fundamentally (or practically) different, to be honest. I do think that if enough men insist on making women their enemies, we will have no choice but to destroy them. 😘

Here are some other people who have written about Jordan Peterson, professionally and/or humorously:
& here are a couple of Crooked Timber posts (one of which links to Beauchamp's Vox article, and maybe also to Bowles's piece in the NYT, I can't remember). Crooked Timber is great, actually. Lots of straight white men there. Probably hardly any of them are even rapists.


  1. Nobody, NOBODY drops a bus on Jordan Peterson as well as you do. I am still laughing at your comment about him at Smut's place.

    1. Thank you so much! Very kind of you, wow. I've been reading your blog on and off for years & years, so that's a little like getting a compliment from a book while you're reading it.

      I'm very sorry I didn't notice your comment in a timely way. I'm not getting any comment notifications at all from Blogger, and in any case I've been away from my computer for almost two weeks.

      Thanks again!!!

  2. 'When he refers to some property or group of properties as "chaos," does it mean "that abundance of formless biological constituents from which life emerges, in the womb and in the wild"? Or does he mean "feminists holding signs and shouting at me"? I think that distinction could be important.'

    I haven't heard of Jordan Peterson before, and I'm suddenly glad I haven't. The man sounds like a bucket of arseholes.

    1. Don't you talk about a bucket of arseholes like that! You apologize to that bucket of arseholes right now.

      I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment! Blogger didn't notify me of comments at all, ever, and I'm just now sitting down at my desk after two weeks anyway.

      Sorry, again!

  3. Replies
    1. WORD

  4. I believe that the correct phrasing is "A jarfull of squashed arseholes", and I am prepared to muster the intertubes resources that will prove it. Let the record show that I speak fluent Chav.

    1. I'm going to start checking my blog for comments every day.
      Blogger doesn't even send me notifications that end up in the junk box anymore.
      Why does Blogger hate me? It must me a conspiracy.

      Anyway: German, Italian, Fancy Science Talk, and Chav? You are clearly a formidable opponent.

  5. he doesn't seem to have any command of the material he's claimed authority over, and nobody cares

    His claims to expertise in 5-Factor Personology were an abject failure, so it's all about the failing upwards. In the more touchy-feely side of psychology I haven't seen him waving his hands in any way more original than the previous hand-waving of Jung and Joseph Campbell and "Iron John" Bly, but I am not going to read deeply in search of originality.

    Full disclosure: Jung was a bit of a dick but he provides some useful ideas to think with. Joseph Campbell was another dick but I still must credit him for turning me onto a lot of good literature back when I was reading "Creative Mythology" four decades ago.

    1. His claims to expertise in 5-Factor Personology were an abject failure
      *Nodding and stroking chin like I know what you're talking about.*

      His ragey little (literal) stans are always talking about how one of his papers has been cited 90,000 times. I've asked a couple of them what the nature of the citations were — critical, furthering his research, referencing a discredited opinion, etc. They all got pretty angry. I think their idea is that citations are like Pokémon.

      Jung was a bit of a dick but he provides some useful ideas to think with.
      Agreement. I also think he's one of those people who was a personal failure but did some interesting things for public consumption, who definitely shouldn't be hero-worshiped because the integral flaws that led him to be a dick also polluted elements of his theories. If you know that going in and you're armed to neutralize the threat, I think he's one of the most useful modern philosophers (?) in the Western canon. If you're not... Lobsters!

      I do think Peterson got the idea to be as prosaically dense as possible from Jung, though. But it doesn't work out as well for Peterson as it did for Jung, because Peterson doesn't know as many big words.

      I've never read Creative Mythology. I recently discovered that Campbell was an asshole, but on the other hand he also did some nice public things etc. I'll throw it on the pile. (The To Read pile, not the To Burn pile. Just to be clear.) (Maybe I've been talking to Petersonites too much.)


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