they don’t make it easy, do they?


I’ve just haphazardly changed the layout, because I noticed the old one was mostly non-functional — it blacked out comment replies, for example, because what a good idea. I plan to fix up something a little fancier later, after I’ve done A Little Research. Anyway, shit should mostly work now.

(The answer to that question is "no they don’t." I had to visit three different unrelated and unconnected pages to make the changes I just made. It reminded me of LiveJournal, for Christ’s sake.)

(I’ll be all right, though, don’t worry about me.)


  1. I plan to fix up something a little fancier later, after I’ve done A Little Research

    I like the rabbit motif behind the text. Have you ever seen Takeshi Yamada's Sea Rabbit? "Good bunny!" is his signature phrase. He always shows up at the Carnivorous Nights Rogue Taxidermy Contest... nice, nice fellow.

  2. I have never seen nor heard of Takeshi Yamada’s sea rabbit, but I will have remedied that in about five minutes. Thank you very much for the link.

    I actually ended up with the title because I’m trying to write about 19th century sailors, and I found "sea rabbits" in one of the old sailing books I was reading for Research. I guess it was a term used to describe haddock? Or someone romantic thought it was, when he was writing his own bullshit story about sailors.

    Thank you.

    (I clicked the link to the Carnivorous Nights Rogue Taxidermy Contest and liked to died, as my granny would say if she weren’t dead and had been standing next to me at the time. Taxidermy is the saddest, grossest thing anyway, and now I’m thinking about my dead granny. It’s almost midnight, too. It’s a good thing I’m not a highly-suggestible nitwit.)

    1. Taxidermy is the saddest, grossest thing anyway

      The things we do for friends... my friends Margaret and Michael wrote a book about the Tasmanian tiger, inspired by a stuffed specimen in the American Museum of Natural History, and they teamed up with my friend Andy, who's one of the owners of the Bell House (the contest debuted at another of Andy's places, Union Hall). I'm not the hugest fan of taxidermy, but I believe in supporting my people.

      Hopefully, your thoughts of your departed granny will be 100% positive ones.

    2. Supporting your people is what life is about. But I took a look at the beagle puppy with spider legs and checked out, and my apologizes to all your excellent friends. I had nightmares about the Fiji mermaid for a week when I had to write about it in college. They’re better men than I am.

      (I like felted wool animals, though, I don’t judge people.)

  3. Silly me, I forgot the more important part of the comment- sea hares are a group of sea slugs, named because they had "rabbit ears".

    1. Now that thing, whatever it is, is cute. That one is cute.


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